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Letter from the BaranwalMatrimony.org

Site is up & running. (Posted on 31st July 2015)

If you are still facing issues with your account, please drop us a mail at support@baranwalmatrimony.org with your phone number.


Bring forward the underprivileged members of our society. (Posted on 25th July 2015)

If you are reading this message, chances are you are better off many in our society who don't know about internet or don't have the facility to access internet or simply can't afford. In all the cases, those people are loosing out the benefits of internet.

I give utmost importance to choose the partner of your life as rest of your life's happiness, success/failures, relationships with your kins and so on depends upon your partner also.

Now imagine a person who is talented enough to qualify for IIT but doesn't have money to pay the fees. What will you do, will you go and pay for it ? Most of us will say yes and won't mind paying a bit as per your capacity.

Same is true for those underprivileged society. There are many girls and boys in our society who could be good fit as life partner but they are simply loosing out.

So my request to all of you is to look around and help those people to find their suitable life partner. It's not a monetary help but it's much more satisfying and you can be Mr. Anand (super 30) for them to get what they deserve. So just target for 1 member today, help them register and let me know.


An old commitment for community members from any caste.  (Posted on 05th February 2015)

At present, you know that I have launched 15 sites for 15 castes. And it's a known fact that most of the popular sites are very costly and out of reach for many amongst us. I know because I have suffered in past. Those sites has put the benefits to those few people who can pay a big amount to get premium access. 

I had long ago promised to myself that for any of our sites, payment will never be a stopper to find your suitable life partner. I don't want any one to suffer for half of their life just because they don't have the means to pay. 

So at any point of time, if you feel that you need premium+ access but can't support yourself financially, please send a mail with your contact details and someone will call you to help (support@baranwalmatrimony.org).

To keep in touch with us and to get all the updates, please like us at our facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/kalashmatrimony or request us to join our KalashMatrimony group.




Benefits for You:

  • Confirmed 1 Week of Priority Profile/Profile of the week (2 invites any caste and 5 facebook likes anyone, 1000 INR Equivalent).
  • Confirmed 1 month of Unlimited Premium+ (5 invites any caste and 10 facebook likes anyone).
  • Confirmed 2 months of Unlimited Premium+ (10 Invites any caste and 10 facebook likes anyone).
  • 20% of cash or cash equivalent for each invited paid member (Upto 500 INR for each invite).
  • All your Invites are recorded at My Invites. Here you will come to know when they register and you can send reminders also.

    Benefits for Invited Members:

  • 7 months of free Premium+ services for initial few members (For all castes except Baranwal).
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • View unlimited phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Add members to Favourites List
  • Unlimited Send email via Express Interest
  • See who is interested in your profile and vice-versa and also mutual interests.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Expressed Interest/Maintain your diary for each profile.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Favourite members/Maintain your diary for each profile.

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